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analogue vs. digital Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Management Board
Shop Floor Management Board

We are big fans of digital shop floor management and the possibilities it can offer to improve the strategy execution capabilities of our customers. But in these days, dominated by social distancing, we spend huge effort to keep our current customers analogue shop floor management routines running. We do not yet shift to a fancy digital shop floor system, like many companies do actually.


Because we believe that a digital shop floor management is a critical evolutionary step on your journey to a best-in-class system. Before you can proceed this step, you need to have established strong problem solving and leadership routines. Everybody involved in the system do not just have to kn

ow what to do and why, but every single aspect needs to be part of their DNA. The foundation of a successful and sustainable shop floor management are ownership and responsibility.

“This is our board, these are our KPIs and these are our problems, which we need to solve in order to reach our strategic targets.”

These words are easy to understand, but very hard to follow with all consequence. An analogue shop floor system helps you to “grasp” the ownership and responsibility, because you fill out the sheets with your own hands. During this time, you reflect about the numbers you write down, you go through the questions, your supervisor is going to ask and with it, you already anticipate the problem-solving process. As a result, you are very good prepared for the upcoming shop floor dialogue and you present YOUR numbers, ideas and actions.

A good digital shop floor management collects and visualize all the needed information almost instantly by just one click. Combined with a proper business intelligence system and a KI, it even can suggest you solutions for your problems. This is very powerful indeed, but with having everything automized, you will never build up your problem solving and leadership skills. But this are the most necessary skills your company need to maximize in order to reach operational excellence. These skills are needed at any time during your journey to operational excellence. Furthermore, you will never feel the same responsibility for the numbers, displayed on an anonymous monitor. Especially when the whole shop floor management thing is new to you and you are not sure about the benefits it can offer. That’s the reason, why we stick to an analogue shop floor management, even in times when everything goes digital due to Covid-19. You want to know more or you have a different opinion? Let’s get in touch and discuss about it.

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